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Posted: Jan 15, 2022

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

TLDR: Use any browser on mac or windows, use Safari on iPhones, use Google Chrome on Android.

In release v3.1, the decision was made to disable the ability to download files on mobile browsers due to inconsistent support.

"All browsers now open the requested file in a new tab. To visually reflect this change, using the mobile version of floatingfile will show different buttons indicating the functionality (download or open)."

-v3.1 Release Note

A comprehensive list is now being generated for each device and browser so you can expect, beforehand, which browsers will enable the best experience. Notice something wrong? Don't see your OS or browser? Please submit a ticket or message me. Here are the results as of v3.4:

OS Browser Supported?
macOS Safari Yes
macOS Chrome Yes
macOS Brave Yes
macOS Firefox Yes
macOS Edge Yes
Windows Safari Yes
Windows Chrome Yes
Windows Brave Yes
Windows Firefox Yes
Windows Edge Yes
iOS Safari Yes
iOS Chrome No
iOS Brave No
iOS Firefox No
iOS Edge No
Android Chrome Yes
Android Brave Yes
Android Firefox Yes
Android Edge Yes


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