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How is floatingfile different?

floatingfile is a file sharing platform that marries the flexibility of file storage with the convenience of file transfer applications.

Clutter Free

Keep your inboxes and chat histories clear of temporary files.

No Accounts

Use floatingfile to the fullest on any device and anywhere, completely login free.


Anyone in the space can contribute files. Perfect for group work.


Join with a 6 character code or by scanning a QR code. Reduce your file transfer workflow to seconds.

How do I use floatingfile?

create a space

upload files you want to share

copy and send the link or use the QR code

Woo-hoo 🎉 That's it! Anyone with the link can now download the files in the space.

Get Started

To date, floatingfile has helped 1000+ people transfer 13000+ files in 47 months.

Got a question?

Visit the frequently asked questions page or email us at engineering@floatingfile.space!


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